Be Safe.
Be Together.


ASICS, an acronym derived from the Latin phrase, Anima Sana In Corpore Sano – a sound mind in a sound body. Staying true to the philosophy by which it was founded in 1949, every ASICS innovation, every concept, every idea is intended to create the best product by pushing the limits on what we can learn from the body and its needs in athletic gear.

In addition to supporting athletic performance and technical advancements, ASICS has a self-defense program, RunSafer, to build confidence and skills for athletes to protect themselves in the unlikely event that they encounter a bully or assailant while running. RunSafer, developed by two-time US Olympic distance runner and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt Todd Williams, will not turn you into a pro fighter, but it will give runners self-defense tools to become safer, stronger and faster.

Learn from ASICS RunSafer team below, and visit their site for more information.




No matter where you go to run, jog or walk please make sure you’re always aware of your surroundings. It’s so easy to get complacent and forget to be diligent about your safety….make sure it’s a priority every time out!


When you head out the door to run, jog or walk please make sure you have personal ID attached to you. Hopefully nothing ever happens but having your information just in case of an emergency could possibly save your life! The Have The Drive Emergency ID is one of many great products on the market that you could utilize for your safety!


A simple but effective deterrent while out running, jogging or walking is your friendly dog : ). Potential assaults are less likely to happen when Fido is attached to your wrist barking as someone that shouldn’t be there comes too close. Please make sure the dog is trained and doesn’t drag you into harms way though. I have a German Shepherd mix and he will make sure I’m safe if he feels harm is approaching.


Many people drive to the location where they will walk or run. Please be aware of your surroundings when pulling into a parking lot. If you’re the only one there or if someone is in the area that gives you a gut feeling that something isn’t “right” then leave and go to another place to run that day. Never be complacent about your personal safety!


If anyone approaches, confronts or in worse case scenario they put their hands on you and you feel you may be in danger try to have a name in your head you can start yelling out! If you could possibly plant the seed of doubt in their head someone is near by they may leave you alone without having to physically fight them or use a weapon!


When I was training for the Olympic Games I never listened to music but now I listen to anything to get me through that run. I see many runners and walkers with their headphones on not paying attention with their music blasting which is a big mistake. Please try to keep your volume down to a level where you can hear everything around you or only use one ear bud. This way you are better aware of other individuals, bicycles or vehicles and can react much faster if they enter your personal space….TURN IT DOWN!


When preparing for your run, jog or walk please try to remember to listen to your gut feeling.  We’ve all been in situations where we need to pay attention to our surroundings and make smart choices about our personal safety. If it’s choosing another training route because of lack of people in the area or picking a different parking spot because no one is around those are the smart choices to make to keep you out of potential trouble…. Go With Your Gut


As we all know, running can be a very enjoyable experience, but it can also be a dangerous one.
When preparing for your run, always try your best to select a route that’s going to be populated with many other runners, joggers and walkers. I know from experience that it’s easy to find yourself completely alone and vulnerable when you’re out there, but it’s critical for you to do your research and exercise around others. If you enter a park or trail that you usually run, but no one is around, make the choice to find another location! A dangerous encounter is less likely to happen when you make this choice instead of being alone.