Be Bold.
Be Seen.


Amphipod is built around the melding of minimalist product design and expertise in engineering.  By challenging existing assumptions, Amphipod is recognized for creating some of the most functional, comfortable and iconic specialty running products available today.

Well known for their long standing dedication to the run channel, Amphipod offers a full range of the highest quality running accessories, best-in-class service, limited specialty distribution and effective UMAP protection.

Request your free Run Visible and Safe checklist from Amphipod to use and display in your store (contact and request your Run Safe this Season POP).

Amphipod New Fall/Winter Visibility Collection/ Dealer Portal »

Check out Amphipod’s widest range of run safety and visibility products for this season including:

New High Impact Reflective and Flashing LED Visibility Collection:

  • New AMP-Powered™ re-chargeable Lights
  • New Safe-Strobe™ Light Bins, New Vizlet™
  • LED styles, New Reflective and Xinglet™  vests
  • New flashing waist packs

Stay Safe, In-Touch and Connected Series:

  • Reflective phone carriers and arm bands
  • Flashing LED and reflective waist packs, pouches and pockets for the largest phones and ID

Running Safety Begins Before You Head Outside

Use gear and awareness for enhancing run visibility & safety in low-light conditions

Tip #1:   Be Reflective!

Choose gear and apparel from head to toe that incorporates reflective material and detailing.

Tip #2:   Get Flashy!

  • Wear front and rear flashing LED lights on your torso and on moving appendages.
  • Gear-integrated and light weight clip-on, coin-battery and USB re-chargeable light models available.

Tip #3:   Be Connected!

Carry a fully charged phone, your ID, and let someone know your route.   Flashing LED and reflective phone carriers available.

Tip #4:   Be in Contrast!

Wear bright/light, high-contrast clothing.

Tip #5:   Take Care!

Make sure you can see where you’re going (headlamp/street lighting), and your surroundings, that you can hear and you’re on a safe route.  Run with one or more buddies if possible.